(Photo: Facebook/CBS New York)

The mother of a pregnant woman who was shot in the head in Brooklyn says that she forgives the gunman who shot her daughter, but he must still turn himself in.

Tytianna Sparks, who is 19 years old and five months pregnant, survived the shooting and underwent four hours of surgery to remove bone fragments from her brain. Police believe that the pregnant teen was not the target of the shooting.

“She’s stable. The baby is fine,” her mother, Ruth Sparks, 59, said during an anti-violence vigil held on Wednesday.

“The guy that shot her, just give yourself up and I forgive you ’cause I have to forgive so I can move on with my life,” Sparks said. “I just want him to give himself up. I’m not asking for much. He hurt my daughter real bad. He hurt her bad.”

In addition to Tytianna’s mother, her aunt, Laverne Mobley, was at the vigil, which saw about 50 people gathering against violence. During the vigil, Mobley asked those that were gathered not to retaliate against the shooter.

“We will not retaliate, we will not kill each other,” Mobley said. “Stop the violence. Every time I hit these streets it’s another one.”