Issa Rae’s unapologetic support of Black stars at the Emmys goes viral

Issa Rae had the perfect response when asked who she was rooting for at the Emmys.

“I’m rooting for everybody black,” she told Variety when they caught up with her on the red carpet. “I am!”

Even though Rae herself wasn’t nominated for anything this year, she celebrated the more diverse group of nominees and the stories they are telling.

“People just let us be and tell the stories we wanted to tell and me and the writers ran with it,” she said.

— Emmys announcer Jermaine Fowler lowkey steals the show — 

“You have so many people behind the camera and behind the scenes that are committed to telling authentic, real stories that haven’t been seen on television before and you have audiences embracing it because they’re tired of seeing the same old, same old stories,” she said. “So it’s just a pleasure to be among such great company.”

Among those taking home awards, and making history in the progress, were Sterling K. BrownDonald Glover and Lena Waithe,

Of course, the Internet absolutely loved Rae’s unapologetic support of Blackness, and her response quickly went viral. Check out some of the Twitter reactions below.