A student Robertsdale High School in Alabama has issued an apology for a controversial social media post that read, “Put the panic back in Hispanic.”

“Put the Panic back in Hispanic. #dontgetbutthurt I’m honestly not gunna care if you do anyways so #sorryboutit,” the full post read.

Jennier Lopez Vazquez then posted the Instagram post to Facebook to call out the ignorance there.

“That’s very disrespectful in so my ways. But it’s funny to think that our school thinks it ” OKAY ” this is Honestly what white trash looks like,” she wrote on Facebook.

She later said of the post, “I don’t see a point in why they did that because there not really that many Hispanic people in my school and they knew it was like Hispanic month.”

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A lawyer representing one of the girls in the post claimed that the post was not meant to be disrespectful but was meant to be a joke at the expense of Spanish Fort, the school that Robertsdale was playing in football on Friday.

“This is a kind of sophomoric joke that’s kind of just gotten out of control,” the lawyer said.

The student has since issued an apology, writing, “It wasn’t my intention and was not meant for it to be taken that way. I apologize for the publicity and misunderstandings that it has brought to our school.”