The “Jane Doe” who filed suit against Usher for $20 million alleging that he exposed her to herpes without disclosing his status to her has been revealed.

In court documents filed by by her attorney, Lisa West, the woman was identified as Laura Helm.

Helm claimed that she and Usher had two sexual encounters, once in Atlanta on April 16, 2017, and once in New Orleans on April 28, 2017. Prior to those two encounters, she said, she had not been positive for herpes.

–Two women and man file lawsuit against Usher over STD claims–

However, after seeing on the news that he had reportedly paid $1.1 million in a settlement for exposing another woman to herpes, Helm decided to get herself tested.

She claimed that the first time, in Atlanta, Usher “did not ejaculate” but rather “immediately grabbed his penis and went into the bathroom” so that she would not see him ejaculate.

What’s more, she claimed that while he wore a condom during their first encounter, he did not do so during the second.

“Although Defendant brought and wore a condom during intercourse relations on April 16, 2017, in Georgia he did not produce or wear a condom during intercourse relations with Plaintiff on April 28, 2017.”

She claimed that he encouraged her to perform oral sex during the second encounter and that after they then had sex without a condom, he “leapt from the bed, grabbed his penis, ran to the bathroom, and began to shower again.”

Shortly after their encounters, she began to notice symptoms of the STD. Then, after “breaking news” that Usher had settled with someone else over his alleged herpes status, Helm got herself tested in July, at which time she discovered that she had been infected with the incurable disease.

Now, she is suing Usher for $20 million.