Las Vegas shooting videos show bullets pouring down on concert

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A video of the Las Vegas mass shooting on Sunday night showed a hail of bullets that caught everyone so off guard that Jason Aldean kept performing the concert for several seconds before it seemed to click for him what was going on.

The video was captured by a person in attendance at the concert toward the back of the crowd showed confusion in the initial aftermath of the first shots being fired. Aldean performed for about 10 more seconds before abruptly running for cover. For about 40 seconds after the shooting started, other concert-goers can be seen in obvious confusion, with some telling others to “get down.”

–50 dead, 500+ injured in Las Vegas attack and deadliest mass shooting in modern history–

Then, another round of gunfire rings out, and mass panic breaks out. People run for safety, and another video posted to Twitter showed them huddled on the ground, desperate for safety as the gunfire rings out.

At least 50 people died during the shooting at the Las Vegas concert. Police found the shooter, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, dead at the Mandalay Bay hotel after they burst into his room. Authorities said that Paddock fired on the crowd from the 32nd floor of the hotel using an automatic weapon.