A McDonald’s manager from the Bronx has been arrested for dealing crack and cocaine out of the restaurant.

NYPD and ICE-HIS agents arrested Frank Guerrero, 26, early Wednesday morning. He had been working at the restaurant for eight years.

Guerrero has been accused of selling almost $11,000 worth of cocaine to an undercover officer over eight meetings at a Pelham McDonald’s.

Prosecutors say that on at least two occasions, Guerrero placed the cocaine in a cookie bag which he then put into a bag of food.

The drugs were hidden in a soap dispenser and he would get it and place the drugs into plastic bags.

On September 22, Guerrero sold 100 grams of cocaine as well as some crack to the officer for $6,250. The deal was made in the restroom and the cop took a seat at a booth and Guerrero served him a bag of food along with the drugs.

When Guerrero’s home was searched, police found 200 grams of cocaine along with $5,300 in cash.

A neighbor of the drug dealer witnessed the police arriving at the home. “About 6 or 7 SUVs pulled up, police got out with their shields and their jackets on,” said Joan Gravina.

The mother of Guerrero’s child was also arrested and will now face drug charges.

The owner and operator of the franchise said he is fully cooperating with the investigators.

“The actions of this employee are unacceptable and will not be tolerated in my organization,” he said.