Professor targeted for creating class about dismantling white supremacy

Tobin Miller Shearer, the director of the African-American studies program at the University of Montana noticed something wrong as he walked past the bulletin board in the Liberal Arts building.

The previous day he had put up a flyer that outlined the new class he will be offering in the spring, it’s called “White Supremacy History/Defeat.” But, on this day, he saw that someone had put a flyer designed to look similar to his over it.

The difference? This one said “Black Nationalism History/Defeat.”

This new sign claimed that their class will offer group projects that would be “aimed at dismantling race-baiting hypocrisy.”

“It’s very disturbing because of the amount of time that was put into making it look real,” Shearer stated.

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Something stood out to Shearer, his name was replaced on the new flyer with the name of a professor who left the school over a decade ago.

“It’s at best someone who knows the history of the program. At worst, it’s another faculty member who knows the history,” Shearer pointed out.

According to Shearer, this is not the first time he’s seen racially charged messages at the university directed at the African-American studies program.

Just last year he was put on a national “Professor Watchlist” that was put together by a conservative group that calls themselves Turning Point USA. The group accused him of discrimination against conservative students and claimed he pushes a “radical agenda.”

“I’m not surprised by this,” he said. “I’m disturbed by this.”

The harassment has been reported to the police.