Two Arizona day care workers were fired after they were seen on video playing with what appears to be a beige dildo.

The two women posted a video of themselves playing with the adult toy on Snapchat. They simulate sex and masturbation at several points in a room filled with day care children. At one point, one of the children is handed the sex toy, at which point the women break down laughing.

The Superkids Child Care in Chandler, Arizona, sent a letter to parents addressing the situation. While the two workers were not identified, the letter did say that the women had been fired.

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“It has been brought to our attention that some teachers behaved inappropriately yesterday at our child care center. We immediately contacted the police and state authorities about this incident. Police are currently investigating the incident and we will fully cooperate with them.  We are in the process of informing the parents about the incident. The teachers involved in this incident have been terminated effective immediately,” read the letter, which was sent out on Tuesday.

The center also claims that it immediately contacted law enforcement.

The video was brought to the attention of the public after being released by the ex-boyfriend of one of the women in the video.