Cop suspended after tossing teen girls by hair outside high school

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A police officer in Orange, New Jersey, has been suspended after he was caught on video tossing teenage twin girls outside of a high school by their hair.

The officer in question, Hanifah Davis, can be seen on top of the teenage girls in the video. It is not clear what started the altercation or why it escalated to violence. What’s more, Davis becomes involved in a scuffle with a man who tries to break up a fight.

“Contrary to rumors on social media, an Orange Board of Education staff member was not arrested; he was issued a ticket and the issuance of that ticket is part of the investigation,” the city said in the statement.

The Orange Police Department and Mayor Dwayne Warren issued a statement on Friday saying that Davis “has been relieved of duty pending the outcome of an investigation.”

According to the statement, the Orange Police Department and Essex County Prosecutor’s Office are investigating the incident. The mayor also called for calm even as many people expressed outrage and students protested outside the school.

“This matter is being taken seriously by the Orange Police Department and the Warren Administration. All the facts will be shared with the public as soon as they are available. Meanwhile, the OPD and Mayor Dwayne D. Warren ask that citizens withhold judgment and act responsibly until all the facts are known, at which time the Administration will take all appropriate action,” the statement read.