Nelly rape case still open for cops despite accuser backing down

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Even though the woman accusing Nelly of rape has decided to back down from the case, police in Auburn, Washington, are still moving forward with the investigation.

According to TMZ, Nelly’s accuser said that she did not want to cooperate with moving the case forward because she could not take the pressure of battling a celebrity. What’s more, she said that she felt betrayed by the police.

However, while the case will certainly be more difficult to prosecute when the accuser is refusing to testify, Auburn police are still moving forward in order to collect evidence and present the case to the prosecutor’s office. They are expected to present the case within the next week, and it will ultimately be up to the prosecutors to decide if Nelly will face any charges.

In a statement released to theGrio, Nelly’s attorney Scott Rosenblum said the following: 

“These allegations arose after Ms. Green amended her suit for money to include a reference to these claims.  The fact that the police are investigating these claims is not new information and Nelly welcomes a thorough investigation. Nelly is confident that once investigated, these claims will be determined to be disingenuous. Nelly was accompanied by his girlfriend during this tour and she was at his side throughout. It is important that police investigate every allegation of this nature.”