Social media star Andrew ‘King Bach’ Bachelor talks role in new film ‘Where is the Money’

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Andrew “King Bach” Bachelor has dominated the social media world and continues to create his own lane in comedy. The rising star is taking his acting talents to new levels with his upcoming film, Where’s the Money.

During a recent episode of TheGrio LIVE, Bachelor chatted with The Grio’s Natasha Alford about being a social media star. He tells The Grio about how he utilized these platforms and made his film and acting talents shine from his own creative mind.

“The journey has been exciting,” Bachelor says. “It’s definitely a new experience. Everyday I’m learning something new about it, and it teaches me to go with the flow.” 

As hilarious as Bachelors’ videos are, he says the things people find funny come second nature to him.

“I know it is comedy,” he says. “I just like being silly, I just like having fun and enjoying life. I guess it comes off as funny sometimes, but I’m just being me.  I’m just a weird guy.” 

Bachelor will star in the upcoming film, Where’s the Money, alongside Terry Crews, Mike Epps, Method Man, Kat Graham, and  Logan Paul.  He dishes on what the audience can expect from the comedy film.

Where’s the Money is a film based on a quick witted young man from the streets of South Central who must rush a lily-white USC fraternity to recover a stash of stolen money. It will have a limited theatrical run on Oct. 20 before going to Digital HD on Oct. 24 

“You can expect a lot of edginess,” says Bachelor. “They can expect comedy, they can expect charm. It’s a movie about not judging people. It’s a movie about really getting to know an individual first, and know that there are no races, there’s only one race and that’s humanity. “

Bachelor also tells The Grio what it was like working with cast members who shaped the culture.

“It was amazing. It was a blessing as well,” he says. “Mike epps, his improv is like outstanding and it was fun just playing around with him. Terry Crews, he’s so talented. He taught me a lot, not only about acting, but also behind the scenes. He’s just teaching me to really be grateful and be thankful for all of this, because just like that, it can all be over. And Method man, he’s great. He’s a real guy. He’s dope.” 

Watch the full interview with Andrew “King Bach” Bachelor below.