Melissa Curl, the wife of the inmate formerly known as “prison bae,” Jeremy Meeks, is speaking out in her first TV interview about the allegations of cheating that her husband is facing.

During the interview on the British daytime show “This Morning,” Curl called Meeks out for abandoning his family for heiress Chloe Green, saying that it was “very, very heartbreaking” to see the news break that he was cheating on her.

“I had no indication that he was looking for another relationship,” she said, admitting that she didn’t find out about the scandal until she saw it in the tabloids.

–‘Prison Bae’ Jeremy Meeks’ wife wants divorce after affair–

“People who are married, who have been in long-term relationships, you know, you go through your ups and downs. This, I felt, was just a new chapter in our life that we had to work through, that we had to figure out, get over the hump.”

She said that she had hoped that “we’d get through it and everything would be fine” and later recalled that Meeks had been “apologetic” after he returned from his modeling contract following the news story breaking about his new relationship.

However, ultimately, the two of them were not able to make it work, and Meeks is currently pursuing a new relationship with Green.