Chrisette Michele admits she used another woman’s miscarriage photo in post

Chrisette Michele comes clean after a series of social media posts about depression and suicidal thoughts.

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After the internet called out Chrisette Michele for using another woman’s miscarriage photo in her series of social media posts about depression and suicidal thoughts, the singer admits the photograph, indeed, not belong to her.

“It wasn’t mine. When what was happening to me happened to me I didn’t think to take a photo,” she said of her miscarriage on the The Breakfast Club, “but other women did.”

“Many women post their photos on different websites to see what’s going on in their bodies. Myself identifying with somebody else’s photo…I wanted people to know the severity of what I experienced, so I put something up to show it. I didn’t want it to fall on deaf ears.

–Chrisette Michele: I had a miscarriage, lost my career after performing at Inauguration–

“Until you’ve been through a miscarriage you can’t really tell somebody how to deal with it. ..Me coming clean about it was important for my healing,” she added.

When Chalamagne Tha God asked the R&B diva if she knew whose photograph she had used, Michele said, “at first I didn’t, whose fetus it was posted it publicly [and] I found out later.” She noted that other pictures of Xanax pills and Patti Labelle were also not her own.

Michele also says she believes that the stress (and other health complications), caused by her being blacklisted over her performance at President Donald Trump‘s inauguration, is what ultimately led to her miscarriage. She also revealed that she has since been dropped from her label.

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