What’s really going on with Olivia Pope?

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

This week’s episode of Scandal had us reaching for the wine bottle more often than we’d like to admit.

I mean…what is going on with Olivia? We’re still wondering what has her so angry all the time and we’re not the only ones.

Here’s a rundown of her most shocking moments of the night:

She Bossed up on Papa Pope

In the opening scene, we find Liv and Papa Pope right where we left them and he’s about to get schooled on his “privileges” or lack thereof. Olivia lets him know that he’s on thin ice and no longer has the privilege of speaking to her. What he can do is deliver a message to Fitz and that message is to get the hell out of D.C.

Sneak Attack

Mellie wants to wage war in Bashran to reinstate her secret boo, President Rashad. Liv has other plans, and pulls in Jake to help her figure out how to make the rebel forces kill each other, leaving the U.S. out of the whole ordeal. Wonder what Mellie would think about Liv going behind her back? Looks like her white hat is all but torched.

Busted for B-613

It turns out Rowan didn’t do a great job at getting Fitz out of town because he’s standing in front of the Oval Office when Liv comes walking in. He gives her a half-assed apology for what’s about to happen and it’s clear ish is about to go down. The former POTUS has just informed the new POTUS about EVERYTHING. He blabs about Liv resurrecting B-613 and killing Luna Vargas and let’s just say Madame President isn’t pleased. She gets all up in Olivia’s face and tells her to “SHUT IT DOWN.” Also, “Get me my war.” Yikes.

No Mercy

Since Fitz is still causing trouble in Olivia’s life, she blames her father for failing to get her message across and she knows how to hit him where it hurts. Instead of the usual B-613 torture methods, she snatches up his beloved dinosaur bones and refuses to return them. “No bones for you!”

No Love

Liv is still hitting the sheets with Curtis and she’s still being pretty rude about it. Their post-coital convo leaves him dissed and dismissed and it’s clear that Command gives no F’s when it comes to matters of the heart. Later, Curtis tells her he’s no longer interested in their twisted trysts because although she’s attractive, she possesses no other human qualities. Damn.

Snitches Get Stitches

When Liv confronts Fitz for meddling with Mellie, she makes it clear that whatever fire used to burn in her belly for their romance has gone out and she could care less what he thinks. Once Olivia is finally able to get Mellie back on her side, she decides to pay him back for ratting her out. Mellie delivers the exact same message to Fitz that Liv gave her dad in the opening scene. In a nutshell, he has no privileges. Zero. He better call her assistant’s assistant when he wants to see his kids and he better get his ass out of D.C. Ouch.

Killer Command

By the end of the episode, it seems that Mellie and Liv have plans to get Rashad and his niece back to Bashran on a private jet. Following a cryptic conversation between the two alpha females in which Mellie covertly instructs Liv to take care of the situation we hear five foreboding words: “Consider it handled, Madame President.”

Next thing we know, Quinn and Charlie are celebrating the safe delivery of President Rashad and his niece to the plane. As soon as it starts down the runway, it explodes, killing everyone onboard and we can only assume that Command is the one who pushed that deadly bomb button.

Aaaannd we’re out of wine.