Curvy black anchor claps back after complaint about her appearance goes viral

When Dallas’ Channel 8’s new traffic anchor Demetria Obilor got criticized for being a “”size 16/18 woman in a size 6 dress” people on social media were not having it.

The woman named Jan who wrote that comment along with, “She looks ridiculous. I understand that when I watch Channel 8 I’m going to get biased reporting and political correctness, but clearly they have taken complete leave of their senses,” probably didn’t expect to go viral, yet that is exactly what happened.

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Twitter was all over Jan for her mean and uncalled for post, even Chance the Rapper got in on the action.

The good news is that Obilor noticed all the positive attention and support she received and tweeted, “Love y’all! Thank you.”

Something tells us that no one is going to miss Jan not tuning in.


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Nothing mutual about my funds tho 👌🏽

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