Photo of father and son after Trump candidate loses goes viral

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On Tuesday night, the internet came for a man and his son pictured at a watch party for Republican Ed Gillespie, who lost Virginia’s gubernatorial race to Democrat Ralph Northam.

The father and son pair looked disappointed at the results of the election, and the internet was quick to come up with all sorts of captions to go with the image, which was originally tweeted by Politico.

Twitter user @justsaynoto2017 wrote, “It’s okay son, we can still be racist and xenophobic, even with a Democrat governor.”

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Another Twitter user @madler718 tweeted, “Hey, tell you want – I’ll take you to Home Depot tomorrow and we can get Tiki torches and march around the neighborhood, whad’ya say?”

The election on Tuesday was largely seen as a rebuttal of President Donald Trump, as Gillespie had espoused many of Trump’s positions, including support for Confederate monuments. For many people, the results showed an unwillingness to put up with the racially-tinged policies espoused by Trump and his supporters.

Even though Trump himself had recorded a phone message in support of Gillespie, Trump tried to distance himself from the loss, writing from his tour of Asia, “Ed Gillespie worked hard but did not embrace me or what I stand for.”