NO CHILL: 50 Cent Is The Biggest Bully On The Block

50 Cent wears many hats.

He’s a rapper, actor, executive producer and entrepreneur. But he deserves another title:  ‘Biggest Bully On the Block.’

Fiddy has no chill when it comes to coming for celebrities on social media and his constant criticism straddles the line between light jabs and downright mean.

In the last week, his sights have been set on Wendy Williams, Tyrese Gibson and Gabrielle Union and he doesn’t pull any punches once he has you in his crosshairs.

Here’s a rundown of his recent reads for his latest victims:


Fifty is coming for Ty Ty and he’s clearly unmoved by his tearful confessionals about losing his daughter.

Apparently, he’s still salty that Tyrese stuck up for his homegirl, Taraji P. Henson. When the rapper threw shade at her and her show Empire.

“F**k him, 50 Cent captioned. “He should’ve of mind his business when I was talking to Taraji. He came jumping in like he think we’re in a f**king movie. Punk ass Coca-Cola kid.”

As things got worse for Tyrese in the following days, Fif made it his business to kick him while he was down. He was especially enthused about Ty’s recent “fib” about receiving $5 million from Will and Jada.


Fifty isn’t shy about showing off his petty side and unapologetically admitted he doesn’t have any respect for well—anyone, even superstar, Gabrielle Union.

He threw some shade in her direction after she put him on blast during a recent interview.

“For everyone who’s just really upset that BMJ is coming to a close, please send all your correspondence to 50 [Cent], Curtis Jackson, who has taken sole responsibility for the loss of jobs and your show…So don’t @ me, @ 50,” she said on First We Feast’s “Hot Ones” talk show.

He was quick to fire back at the beloved actress.


When Wendy passed out while filming her show on Halloween, Fif showed no signs of concern for his nemesis.


The following week, he took more shots at Wendy after photos of her husband and his alleged mistress surfaced.