Fox News dedicates pathetic 46 seconds to covering GOP candidate’s sexual assault allegations

Tucker Carlson couldn't even give a full minute to reports against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore

Tucker Carlson of Fox News couldn’t even give a full minute to the sexual assault allegations against Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore.

While most outlets were covering the Washington Post report that alleged that Moore had made sexual contact with four teenage girls while he was in his thirties, the story only merited a passing mention on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

The coverage lasted all of 46 seconds. Here is all that Carlson had to say on the matter:

Quite a bit of political drama in Alabama tonight. The Washington Post reports claims that Republican candidate Judge Roy Moore is running for Senate to replace Jeff Sessions. They said he tried to initiate relationships with teens several years ago. The 32-year-old kissed and fondled a 14-year-old girl at his home. More than a dozen Republican senators in Washington have said that Moore must step aside if those allegations prove to be true. Moore says they’re not true. He is sticking by that pretty emphatically. A showdown with Doug Jones is scheduled for December 12th. We’ll continue to follow this story.

Compare this meager coverage to the fact that Fox was eager to cover the allegations made against Harvey Weinstein.

The rest of Carlson’s show was dedicated to stories like Donna Brazile‘s new book and the GOP tax plan.