EXCLUSIVE: Kenya Moore Goes In On ‘Disgusting, Vile’ Kim Zolciak Biermann

Kenya Moore has never been known to hold her tongue, and she has a few choice words for Kim Zolciak Biermann

Kenya doesn’t think “Wig” has any business being back on Real Housewives of Atlanta.

“No one needs Kim back on the scene. Why do we need her again?” she told the Grio in an exclusive interview.

“She has made it a point to attack me over and over again. My character, my marriage, my family… No one can figure out why except for, ‘this is my way back on the show and this is my way back to get a check.’”

It turns out the newlywed beauty queen was not amused by Kim’s recent dust-up with NeNe Leakes over Brielle’s videotaping cockroaches she allegedly found and recorded in NeNe’s bathroom.

“Who does that? What type of person does that? That is the definition of someone being evil,” Kenya says of the incident.

“Why else would you do that? I think it’s unfortunate that Kim Zolciak Biermann and her daughter Brielle do not have any type of moral fiber in their body and they would do anything to humiliate and make other people hurt. It’s just disgusting to me. I think they’re really vile, evil people.”

Despite her disdain for her co-star’s actions, Kenya does not agree with NeNe’s assertion that the mischief was racially motivated.

“I don’t think they’re racists for that,” she said. “They’re just disgusting for that.“

Mrs. Twirl also revealed there’s no real root to her beef with Kim.

“Kim would say things about being single and unwed. Now, she talks about my husband,” she says. “Most of the people who did that, it comes from them being threatened by me. I have no idea the reason, but it’s clear that they are.”

She also spilled some tea about Eva Marcille, who is featured as a “friend of the show” this season.

“I think that Eva is a beautiful girl, but in terms of anything else on the show, she tested in the beginning of the season to be a housewife and apparently, the powers that be weren’t that impressed, because they didn’t make her one.”