Morehouse, Spelman students hunger strike ends in free meals on campus

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A hunger strike at Morehouse College and Spelman College has ended after the two historically black colleges announced that they would make changes to help students who did not have access to food.

On Tuesday, Mary Pat Hector, of Spelman, took to Twitter to announce that the hunger strike, which started on November 2, was over.

The strike was meant to bring attention to the fact that there were many students who were going hungry, and the two HBCUs agreed to broker deals with food service provider Aramark so that unclaimed meal plans could go to students who didn’t have anything.

— Students allegedly wore Confederate flag clothing, bullied African-American classmates — 

“What came from that meeting was both institutions committing to 14,000 meals each year for students who face food insecurity on campus,” Hector wrote on Twitter. “This means all you have to do is request a meal card from the Dean or Rep and you can have up to three meals a day. Vouchers are available upon your request! So please take advantage. This will start as next week! We will have 2,000 free meals the remainder of the semester….”

Spelman President Mary Schmidt Campbell addressed the student protesters’ concerns in a letter, writing, “No student should go hungry on our campus. We take this opportunity to thank the members of the NAN Spelhouse Collegiate Chapter for highlighting the scale of a growing problem. We are committed to expediting the development of more solutions.”