GOOD OR EVIL: Did Olivia Pope Commit The Ultimate Crime On ‘Scandal’?

Kerry Washington, Scandal,
arrives to the Scandal live stage reading of series finale to Benefit The Actors Fund held at El Capitan Theatre on April 19, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Michael Tran/Getty Images)

This week’s episode of Scandal was driven by one main question-Who took Quinn? t brought on an hour-long internal struggle trying to decide if Olivia Pope could be behind the bride-or-be’s sudden disappearance. Last week’s ordeal hades convinced she was heading toward the dark side for good.

Here’s a rundown of the night’s most mysterious moments to consider:

The Setup 

The episode kicks off when Olivia has a late-night meet up with Quinn the night before her wedding to Charlie. Olivia is babbling about pre-wedding jitters but Quinn is looking her like she just swallowed her own barf.

Quinn interrupts her to let her know she knows she’s behind that fiery explosion that killed President Rashad and his niece, Yasmin. She’s horrified that her former role model is capable of such a heinous act.

“I do what I have to do,” Olivia says. She also tells her to know her role and mind her business.

“You killed a teenage girl because it was convenient for you, Quinn says. Later, when Olivia reminds her how she kidnapped her and changed her name and gave her a new life she replied, “You just gave me a life that suited you.” Burn.

Olivia responds by telling her to get over it and reminding Quinn that they are one big dysfunctional family of killers. She has a point. Her best man/maid of honor is Huck and she’s marrying Charlie, and she herself gets immeasurable pleasure from mutilating people so…chill, Quinnie. This is NBD.

Quinn vows to get justice and Olivia’s like, ‘whatever, girl. See you at the wedding. #QuinnandCharliegethitched.’

The Crime 

When Quinn doesn’t show up for her office-chic wedding at OPA headquarters, Olivia gives her a buzz and leaves a casual voicemail on her cell. It’s almost too casual, like she may be trying to leave a paper trail of concern and innocence when people start investigating. Or, she’s just being a good BFF, even if Quinn just promised to take her down. Later, we see her taking some deep woo-sas in the bathroom as if she’s stressing super hard…but why?

Huck finds Quinn’s laptop with a file that shows she was investigating President Rashad’s death. Jake thinks this is Quinn’s way of buying time to expose Olivia and Olivia orders him to find her first. She doesn’t seem so concerned now, at least, not in a good way. Did Jake do this?

The search. 

When the team starts digging into Quinn’s whereabouts, Olivia never tells anyone they met in the park. Why would she hide a meeting wither friend the night before her big day if she wasn’t guilty of something? Shouldn’t her first concern be to find out what happened? She’s more concerned with using the fact-finding mission to figure out exactly how much Quinn knows about her blowing up the plane. Every time they get more information, Liv looks a little more terrified that they’re going to figure out her secret.

Why is Taylor Swift playing the piano and singing on my television? WTF, ABC? Yawn.

Jake finds out who Quinn’s source is and decided to frame Cyrus’ rich new boyfriend for the explosion. She’s too busy framing an innocent man to actually focus on finding her friend.

Olivia fully freaks when the team figures out that Quinn was at the park last night and there’s security footage. She calls Jake and tells him to get the tapes, STAT! Did Olivia really do this?  And Quinn’s pregnant? No. No way. Come on.

Olivia and Jake meet in their super secret room with brick walls and he tells her he used his NSA powers to go over the security footage at QPA even though Huck had already done it. Hmmm. He says someone taped over the original footage and he got a fuzzy frame of Quinn in a wedding free in the elevator.

Olivia seems genuinely shocked and finally concerned when they realize Quinn fully intended on going to her wedding and must have really been kidnapped.

Who took her?! Thank Gawd it wasn’t Liv. Phew.

My money is on Jake. The single frame that survived the corrupted surveillance footage was so fuzzy that no one could really make out Quinn’s face. It could have been anybody and Jake is totally capable of snatching or killing anyone. Especially if it’s to protect Olivia.