(YouTube/Fox News)

During a “Scream at the Sky” event that was taking place to mark the first year anniversary of Donald Trump’s presidency, a protester told Fox News’ Jesse Watters to “go f—k” himself.

Once the man had done his screaming at the sky, Watters asked him, “do you feel better?”

“Somewhat,” the man replied.

“Do you want a pacifier?” Watters then asked.

— Trump believes Putin over his own intelligence agencies — 

“Go f— yourself,” the man replied with a laugh. The interview with the man ended there and they cut back to the studio.

“Did they know you are from Fox?” Dana Perino asked.

“No. I introduced myself,” Watters said. “Some of them ran in the opposite direction. There were about 30. There were more media [there] than screamers.”

Watters is now a co-host on The Five, taking Eric Bolling’s place.