(Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images)

Muslim activists hacked and published a list of nearly 2,000 email subscribers to Isis’ “news agency,” Amaq, less than three hours after Isis claimed that it was unhackable.

Last month, the activist group Di5s3nSi0N was able to hack into Amaq’s automated email service and disable it.

Then, on Friday night, Amaq issued an email saying that the problems had been addressed and that no one could get in anymore.

“In response to recent events, we have imposed more stringent security measures on our systems,” said the email in Arabic. “We can now handle email attacks or any type of hack.”

But after less than three hours, Di5s3nSi0N sent out an email to the subscribers’ list with their own logo as well as a threat.

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“We have hacked the full ‘secure’ email list for Amaq,” it said. “Daesh…shall we call you dogs for your crimes or snakes for your cowardice? We are the bugs in your system.”

The email also contained a list of 1,784 email addresses on the subscriber list.

“Challenge complete – too easy!” Di5s3nSi0N activists wrote on Twitter. “2,000 email subscribers hacked from Amaq…what is next?”

The activist hack comes as Isis is struggling to maintain its online presence in the face of hackers and increased crackdowns. The email service was one of its last strongholds, and Amaq in particular is responsible for issuing claims for terrorist attacks and issuing updates on battles in the Middle East as well as Africa and Asia.

For Di5s3nSi0N, this latest hack is part of their #silencetheswords campaign, which they claim will culminate this week.

Other groups, like CtrlSec and End of Daesh, have been running their own campaigns under the hashtags #OpIsis and #OpIceIsis.