Roland Martin slams Jake Tapper in Twitter spat: ‘I don’t serve you’

The TVOne host and CNN host went at it over Trump and Election 2016

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TVOne host Roland Martin got into a Twitter war with CNN’s Jake Tapper.

It all started when Martin took to Twitter to tell Tapper to stop using the phrase “false claims” and to replace it with the word “lie” when talking about the untruths surrounding Donald Trump.

Specifically, Martin took issue with Tapper telling Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin that Trump falsely claimed the GOP tax cuts were the biggest tax cuts in history.

Tapper replied by saying that he didn’t need a lecture from Martin on journalism and tried to take shots at Martin for how Hillary Clinton was able to get a hold of his debate questions during the 2016 election.

Martin then fired off a series of tweets blasting Tapper, saying in part, “Really Jake? Lecturing you? No one is lecturing you. I’m pointing it the fact that a lie is a lie.”

Martin went on to say that he had already addressed the debate questions controversy and then blasted both Tapper and CNN for how he and TvOne were treated during the debate, claiming that CNN asked them to remove a reference to Black issues in their press release and also that CNN would not let Martin promote his show while also promoting Tapper’s movie.

Martin went on to say that he “fought for my team tooth & nail” before concluding: ” I don’t care what you think. I don’t serve you.”

Tapper then responded, asking Martin where his response to the debate questions was and claiming that TvOne and Martin have “never explained” themselves.

“Zero accountability, zero transparency, zero explanation, zero contrition,” Tapper said.

Then, when Martin had moved on to other things on Twitter, Tapper continued to hound the issue.

“This isn’t a squabble. Roland and TV One did something unethical and they need to own up and disclose to the public. Has nothing to do with me, except I’m not going to listen to journalism lectures from him,” Tapper wrote on Twitter.

“The one thing clear from @rolandsmartin‘s tweets today is he wants to discuss everything under the sun other than his team’s unethical leaking of his town hall questions to the Clinton campaign. Period.”