Woman creates GoFundMe page to raise money for ‘broke a**’ husband

    Jazminn DyNiece Gabriel puts ex on blast after she's ordered to pay him child support

    Photo: Facebook/GoFundMe)

    Now this is an interesting way to get back at your ex.

    A California woman created a GoFundMe page to raise money for her “broke a**” husband in order to pay for court-ordered child support.

    As Jazminn DyNiece Gabriel explained on the description for the page, her husband “has been diagnosed with Bitter B**ch Syndrome and can not get over the fact that I don’t want or need him.”

    She went on to explain that she and her husband coparented their daughter, Phoenyx, with their daughter spending a third of the time with her.

    “Since he’s been gone (in my Kelly Clarkson voice) I’ve asked him for literally nothing and in return he filed for child support because he is so broke he needs me to support him to support his daughter. He literally only needs to feed her, clothe her and supply diapers while she’s with him 5 days every other week. Also I’m pretty sure his mom is doing that,” Gabriel wrote.

    In an update, she added that she was upset he had won the $68 per month in child support simply because she makes more money, even though they both work.

    “Yes I am bitter. Yes I am mad. Yes I’m bothered. Yes I wanted to make him feel dumb because he knows I’m great when it it comes to coparenting. I let him spend all the time he wants with her which is why they have a great relationship and I also don’t ask him to help me pay for anything. I let everything he does be voluntarily and don’t talk down on him for not doing more. Also I don’t live with my mom so I have bills and obligations that cost money,” she wrote.

    “I know $68 isn’t much, but it’s the principle he did it out of spite and hurt feelings. He’s essentially taking away from Phoenyx and being rewarded for not striving to be better. Meanwhile I’m being reprimanded for doing the opposite.”

    You can check out her GoFundMe page here.