Remy Ma dishes on replacing Papoose with Vince Herbert, weight loss secrets

The rapper and reality star talks new beginnings and outlook on her life

The rapper and reality star talks new beginnings and outlook on her life

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Remy Ma is in the midst of a comeback of sorts.

Not only is she releasing new music, but she has a new manager and a new outlook on her lifestyle.

In a recent interview with TRL, the rapper and reality star opened up about the changes in her life including her road to weight loss.

“I cleansed everyday, and then I stopped eating meat. I only do seafood and mostly just fruits and vegetables. Water, water, water… it’s a lot,” she said.

She also revealed how she and Lil Kim buried their beef and decided to work together on new music.

“Well, when I first came home in 2014, I met Kim at Fab’s birthday party and we had had a fallen out years ago,” she explained. “I’m in my section and she’s in her section and it was so weird because she had sent somebody to come to my section to say she wanted to talk to me at the same time I sent someone to her section to say I wanted to talk to her. From there, we always stayed in contact.”

Remy’s upcoming album, 7 Winters & 6 Summers was inspired by her eight-year prison stint.

“I just couldn’t fathom counting in years so I would look out my window. The only thing I could see was tress and If it was green I knew it was summer….If I looked out the window and it was branches and it wasn’t no leaves, I knew it was winter,” she explained on TRL. “When it was all said and done I ended up doing seven winters and six summers. Everything that became me, that I learned and grew into is what you gone get on this album.”

Remy took time to explain that things are still going well with her husband, Papoose, even though he’s no longer managing her career.

“So the thing is this, with my husband by my side I managed to get two Grammy nominations, Soul Train Award, BET Award, Gold singles, Muliti-Platinum singles, and we did all of that with just us two independently. So now I’m like ‘I want my husband back’, and want to take it to the next level, not because he did a bad job, he did a great job, and he’s always gonna be there.”

Now, she has teamed up with Tamar Braxton’s soon-to-be ex, Vincent Herbert.

“Vince is doing a great job,” she said. “Pap looks over everybody’s shoulder.”

Let’s hope Vince’s struggles with Tamar don’t take him away from focusing on Remy’s return to the top.

She also revealed that she’s working with another controversial character, Chris Brown.

“The next single is with Chris Brown,” she said. “‘Melanin Magic,’ aka ‘Pretty Brown.’ It’s amazing.”

Check out the full interview below.