Texas police shoot man for breaking into truck….that he OWNS

Lyndo Jones survives shocking encounter with police that goes terribly wrong

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Texas police admitted that a man shot for allegedly trying to break into a truck was actually the owner of the vehicle.

Last week, when police responded to reports of someone setting off a car alarm, the officer found Lyndo Jones sitting inside the truck with the alarm still going off. When the officer confronted Jones, things escalated to the point that the officer struck him and shot him.

Police claimed that Jones continued to fight with the officers even after being placed in handcuffs and injured, and that three officers were required to hold him down until paramedics arrived.

“I don’t why somebody would do that,” Jones told CBS affiliate DFW. “Why? I didn’t do nothing to you or did anything. Why? That’s what I want to know.

According to Lt. Brian Parrish with the Mesquite Police Department, “He was detained because we had received information that there was a burglary in progress and, regardless of who owns the vehicle, regardless of what the actual situation is, if an officer receives a call that there is a burglary in process and arrives at the scene and finds what he deems to be a suspect, it is just simply a prudent matter to take that person into custody and further investigate and find out if the person is up to no good, and if they are, then we move forward with an investigation.”

Although Jones was charged with resisting arrest, the charges have since been dropped.

Jones has undergone surgery and was released from Baylor Medical Center, though he is still recovering. “I’m feeling good, thankful that I am alive, living and breathing, and get to go home and see my little girls,” Jones said.

The officer who shot Jones, Derick L. Wiley, is now on administrative leave.