EXCLUSIVE: Cynthia Bailey on Turning 50, Dating: ‘I have a lot of men sliding in my DMs’

Cynthia Bailey is feeling fabulous about turning 50 and she’s even more excited about jumping into the dating pool.

In an exclusive interview with The Grio, Cynthia opened up about what it’s like to be single and ready to mingle; juggling multiple men, and fears about fans who go too far.

On last week’s episode of RHOA, we watched her not-so-successful attempt to get back in the game with a 29-year-old who came off a bit more creepy than cool.

Despite the ill-fated photoshoot and intimate dinner, it turns out Cynthia has been having much better luck when it comes other one life lately.

“Now I want to show the world me being single and having fun. I got so caught up in my marriage and my businesses and everything I’m doing, I kind of forgot how to have fun,” she says.

She’s currently dating two men, one in LA and one in Atlanta, and she’s not shy about playing the field.

“I’m not in a rush to settle down just yet. I’m going to have a good time,” she explains. “With 50 comes a certain amount of privilege. I’m 50 and I can do what I want to do. Don’t question me.”

It’s clear Cynthia is ready to turn up but she also has to be cautious.

“The state of the world right now is just very uncomfortable. When I’m out and about and doing meet and greets with fans, I don’t know who is who or who might try to hurt you. You have to be careful and I forget sometimes,” she explains. “Every person out there who wants to get close to me may not want to do good things to me.”

According to Cynthia, she’s already dealing with some overly-anxious suitors now that she’s single.

“I have a lot of men sliding into my DMs now. Kinda some weird ones who say some crazy stuff,” she admits. “I want everything and it does come at a price.”

The timeless beauty took time to point out that fans shouldn’t be deceived by what they see on the small screen.

“I am not Beyoncé, honey. I did not wake up like this,” she says. “This is a team that put this together and it took two hours.”

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