Snoop Dogg defends Marshawn Lynch and LaVar Ball: ‘F**k Trump!’

The rap legend goes on profanity-laced tirade against controversial leader

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While it may not come as a surprise, Snoop Dogg wants you know he does not like Donald Trump.

The rapper went on an tirade against the nation’s leader following Trump’s tweets taking aim at Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch for standing for the Mexican national anthem, despite protesting the American national anthem.

“F**k Donald Trump. B***h…they should suspend your dumb ass. All the goofy sh*t you do everyday..,” Snoop says in a video message posted online.

“I’m with Marshawn Lynch…stand up for the Mexican national anthem. We f**k with Mexicans. They the homies. F**k you, Donald Trump, and everything you stand for.”

The outspoken hip-hop star also showed love to LaVar Ball, who also met the wrath of Trump’s Twitter fingers after the former NBA star refused to thank the president for allegedly playing a role in the China release of his son, LiAngelo Ball, and his UCLA teammates.