Angela Rye gets scary death threats targeting relationship with Common

The CNN political analyst received a flurry of scary messages on social media

CNN’s political analyst Angela Rye has been receiving death threats and she says it only started when she began dating Common.

Court documents state that Rye has been getting annoying, threatening and harassing messages on her phone, through emails and on social media. She says that when it started they were simply annoying and derogatory but then got terrifying when the person sending the messages got specific.

Rye and Common started dating in the summer and the police say that some of the messages she received included information on places they went together that were not publicized.

On Aug. 5, Rye received an email that said, “Yr dumb dead ass gonna be found in a river” and “Let me catch ya ass I’m put the paws on ya.”

The LAPD has gotten search warrants to go through the sender’s social media accounts and they have his or her screen name. The Threat Management division is now investigating.