LeVar Burton bombarded with angry tweets from Trump fans who think he’s LaVar Ball

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

You might have read a little something about LaVar Ball and Donald Trump having a feud going on lately. It turns out most Trump supporters have as well and they are not happy with LaVar. The problem is, they are taking it out on the wrong one.

It all started when LaVar’s UCLA basketball player son LiAngelo was busted in China for shoplifting. Trump was over there for other reasons and spoke to President Xi about the situation and the three players who stole some sunglasses were allowed to return to the US.

Then, LaVar didn’t thank Trump, though his son did. Nevertheless, true to form, the president got angry and started tweeting, saying, “I should have left them in jail!”

 LaVar Ball refuses to thank Trump for son’s China release in very awkward interview — 

Next, LaVar does an interview with CNN that went completely wild. Host Chris Cuomo couldn’t get over the fact that LaVar refused to thank Trump but Ball was steadfast in his position.


Now, poor LeVar Burton, of Reading Rainbow and Star Trek fame, has gotten roped into this mess because angry Trump supporters are mistaking him for LaVar Ball.

Burton brought the situation to light on Twitter after receiving multiple angry tweets.

Read some of the mad tweets he has been getting below.