Hi Felicia! You won’t guess what this ‘Friday’ actress is doing nowadays

Angela Means is now providing healthy food options to 'hood

Angela Means is now providing healthy food options to 'hood

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Ever wondered what happened to Felicia from the cult film favorite Friday?

Angela Means may forever be remembered for her “Bye, Felicia” scene with Chris Tucker and Ice Cube, but now the actress and model has left behind show biz to run a vegan café in L.A.

The best part? It’s proudly situated in the ‘hood.

“All I can say is that the spirit led me. And now I have a vegan cafe in the ’hood,” Means tells LA Weekly of Jackfruit Café, which operates out of a donut shop.

She says that she has always had a passion for cooking and a tragedy in the family is what led her to become more interested in health.

Means was a vegetarian as a child and now considers herself a vegan, and while she has always loved cooking, she had not considered combining these passions with business  until a few years ago.

She started out as a personal chef, though she had no experience, and then began to prepare her own line of raw puddings and other desserts. Next, she started to sell those at RAWkin Juice in Burbank, California. She is currently a shareholder.

Then last year, she found her current home at King’s Donuts. The space wasn’t for rent but she felt a connection to it and she now runs her café out of their kitchen.

Means says that people were very open to the idea right away. “People were like, ‘Oh my God, thank you. Where have you been?’

“People are waking up now, watching films like What the Health. A lot of younger people are getting their older relatives to come in.”

Means is now 54 and often works 13- to 14-hour days, seven days a week. She is running the entire show on her own for now but plans to hire some help when the new year rolls around.

“I leave here and I can’t wait to get back. I love what I’m doing.”