Celeb Thanksgiving: Here a Tips & Tricks From Their Table To Yours

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

Thanksgiving is all about the grub and we’ve been wondering what our favorite celebrities look forward to on Turkey Day.

Turns out the stars’ are just as serious as we are when it comes to staples like mac and cheese and they’re constantly concerned about who made the potato salad.

Here’s a rundown of what celebs will be whipping up this weekend along with a few tips to pull off the various styles of Black Thanksgiving.

Traditional Throwdown: Viola Davis – How To Get Away With Murder

Viola does all the cooking in her family-filled house.

“We are having 43 people at the house for Thanksgiving,” she says. “Collard greens and cornbread dressing; mac and cheese…cranberry sauce with a lot of liquers in it…I’m gonna put a little cinnamon stick in my Sangria this year. Look at me I’m so excited.”

The Mac and Cheese Maker: Robin Thede – The Rundown with Robin Thede

“I make our macaroni and cheese. It’s my grandmother’s recipe. It’s baked mac and cheese with a golden brown hard top. No extras. No bacon, no lobster. No breadcrumbs. None of that. Just two pounds of cheese of various types, milk, and a few other things that help it congeal. I like my mac and cheese to cut like cake,” she says. “I’ve been making that since I was a teenager even though I don’t eat it. I’m deathly allergic to dairy as in I stop breathing. It’s the centerpiece of the table. There’s never any leftover so I’m really proud of that.

The Alternative Eater: Ayesha CurryChef, Seasoned Life Cookbook: The Alternative Eater

Dijon mustard and bread crumb rack of lamb, sweet potato casserole, macaroni and cheese — and salmon. “Fish isn’t traditional, but we have a lot of pescatarians in our family,” she told US Weekly. “I want to please everyone and make them happy.”

She’ll also be serving up bread pudding made with croissants. “It’s like double bad for you,” she told Us. “But it’s so good!”

The Multicultural Menu: Rafael V. DeLeonShe’s Gotta Have It

“It’s a tie between my grandmother’s potato salad. I won’t eat potato salad if it was made by anyone but her. My aunt makes a rice and pigeon pea platter that is really delicious so I always look for those two dishes. I have elected to be a sous chef. I do the helping whenever necessary. I leave that to the experts,” he says.

The bi-racial actor told us his table is filled with a mix of soul food and Puerto Rican favorites.

“The beautiful thing about my family is everyone brings their best dishes over. We have collard greens and macaroni and cheese and sweet potatoes and then we have arroz con gandules and pasteles and chicharrones. It’s a don’t eat breakfast kind of day. “