Lil’ Mo confronts husband’s infidelity on ‘Couples Court’

The R&B singer and boxer hubby duke it out in TV court

The R&B singer and boxer hubby duke it out in TV court

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Lil’ Mo may not have been on Love & Hip Hop: New York for long but her relationship with her husband Karl Dargan is already bringing plenty of drama to the show.

The singer’s son, Justin, found some seemingly incriminating results when he searched the boxer’s name in Google. When Mo confronted Dargan said that he would take a lie detector test in order to assuage her fears.

The pair then went on Couples Court With The Cutlers for the test and to work out their issues surrounding the things Justin found.

“Every year it happens at the same time,” Mo said of Dargan’s wandering eye.  “And then people always slide me a message — this one lady said, somebody was just like, ‘Hey. Pay me this amount to make it go away.”

Mo says she wasn’t about to be part of a shakedown and told the court that the women need to find a better way to earn some cash or at the very least come up with a better hustle.

“I said, ‘Well, you should have got some money if you were allegedly with him, whatever the case may be, because you ain’t getting a dime from me,” she explained.

“You ain’t go no Facetime calls. You ain’t got ya’ll laid up in the bed — because you know that’s what they do now. You close your eyes for two seconds, you all over — the, ‘He fell asleep in this thang!’ Yeah, okay. Alright. If you can get him, you can have him — but be sure you can handle these bills because it ain’t even him you gotta deal with. You gotta deal with all of us.”

Dargan called the rumors of infidelity lies but did admit there was a time in the past when he had been unfaithful. He said he used to sleep around but not anymore because he is a changed man.

“I used to be out here. I used to be out here dealing with multiple women at times, you know, five/six women at one time. Basically, I was a THOT. I had no intentions of getting married, I had no intentions on ever being with one woman but I was trying to work on it and I told her, listen, I’m out here,” he said.

“It’s not an overnight process but I’ll try the best I can. I slipped up and got caught up.”