Texas woman indicted for sending a homemade bomb to then-President Obama

A woman in Texas has been charged with mailing homemade bombs to President Obama and Texas Governor Greg Abbott in 2016. She was busted because of cat hair, a shipping label and a package of cigarettes.

Julia Poff was indicted by a grand jury earlier this month for sending injurious packages containing explosives with the intent to kill and injure. A federal agent testified that she was known to dislike Obama.

The explosives were mailed to Obama, Abbott and the federal Social Security Administration building back in October of 2016. The only person that opened his package was Abbott and it failed to detonate.

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Poff was identified as the sender due to the evidence that forensics found on the devices and their packaging. The bomb that was sent to Abbott had traces of an old shipping label on it and authorities were able to make out her name and address leading them right to her door.

Investigators were also able to trace the cigarette box that Poff used to make the device to a store in Texas where she purchased it.

The explosives that were sent to Obama were also traced back to Poff because of the cat hair that was stuck to the bottom of the address label. They were “microscopically consistent” with the hair of her cats.

Poff will next be in court for a pretrial hearing in early 2018.