Nick Cannon and Adrienne Houghton recall the time they went on awkward date

The comedian and talk show host take funny walk down memory lane

Nick Cannon and Adrienne Houghton recently dished on The Real, recalling the time that they went on a date together to the movies.

“I was crushing, so I was trying to be all manly and all that stuff,”¬†Cannon recalled of their young romance.

“And I brought my whole group with me,” said Houghton, who at the time was simply known by her maiden name, Adrienne Bailon.

So, Cannon said, the whole “squad” went to the movies and took up “the whole row.”

But the part of the date that they both remember is the man who had his feet resting on the space in between their heads.

“And Adrienne, she keeps it gangsta,” Cannon joked, recalling how she told the man, “Could you move your feet, please?”

“The dude stands up, and he’s like six-six,” Cannon recalled.

“He was huge,” Houghton agreed.

“And so I got real small in the chair,” Cannon said, demonstrating how he shrank down to avoid having to come to blows with a giant.

But while Cannon was shrinking down, Houghton, who was almost two feet shorter than the man in question, insisted, “He needs to move his feet. It’s the principle of it. He shouldn’t have his feet in my face.”

“And I’m trying to impress her, but I’m like, ‘I ain’t trying to get beat up’,” Cannon laughed.

Eventually, things worked out, and they did “the godly-like thing,” so no fights broke out during the date but Cannon said, leaning over to high-five Houghton, “I salute you for keeping it gangsta.”