Ayesha Curry defends husband after Steph Curry is accused of ignoring young fan

Ayesha Curry took to Twitter to set the record straight

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Ayesha Curry is defending her husband, Steph Curry, after video surfaced allegedly showing him ignoring a young fan.

In the video, the young fan can be seen getting pictures with several other Warriors, but when he tries to get Curry’s attention, the star doesn’t look his way and instead walks slowly away.

Twitter user @bjeffthegod posted the video with the caption, “yo….Steph Curry ain’t s— lol.”

The boy’s mother, Monique Jenkins, also said that he was “depressed and in tears” and wanted to take down his poster of Curry, but for all the hype surrounding the video, Ayesha Curry insists that it wasn’t an intentional snub.

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“He would never purposefully ignore a squirrel let alone a precious little boy,” she wrote on Twitter. “Demeaning someone to get your followers up much.”

“He was looking for a family member in a crowd of 100 people which you can’t see on the other side of the camera,” she later added in explanation.

When a fan responded that Curry had to have seen the little boy while looking for his family member, Ayesha insisted, “No he didn’t. He does the same thing to me at least once a week. He has tunnel vision. If you have placed a bet you would’ve lost so bad.”