Upcoming ‘This Is Us’ episode will feature Howard University

Tuesday night’s episode of This is Us will highlight Howard University.

It’s the third of a trilogy of episodes highlighting each of the three siblings as they look to the future, and for Randall (Sterling K. Brown), that means Howard.

“Randall reveals to Jack that he’s interested in going to Howard University, which is a historically black college. (It) takes Jack by surprise because in Jack’s mind, his kid was always going to be an Ivy Leaguer. The two of them go on a tour to Howard,” executive producer Isaac Aptaker told EW.

“It’s a chance for these two men to learn about each other on a deeper level than we’ve ever seen them learn about each other before,” said executive producer Elizabeth Berger. “Milo and Niles have some beautiful scenes together that we’re very excited for people to see.”

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