6 ways Meghan Markle makes the world a better place

Long before she became the apple of her royal beau's eye, Meghan Markle was making moves

The name Meghan Markle is on everyone’s lips now that she’s set to wed Prince Harry, but the woman was making big moves in the world long before became of the apple of her royal beau’s eye.

The brainy beauty who graduated from Northwestern University in 2013 has been an advocate for women’s rights for years, and she continues to do great work around the world.

Here are a few highlights from her adventures in activism.

Markle became a World Vision Global Ambassador in 2016 and spent time in Rwanda working on a clean water campaign.


Her work with World Vision also took her to Mumbai and Delhi where she helped combat gender inequality.


She’s a fierce defender of women’s rights and makes sure to push ladies to get to the polling stations and make their voices heard.


She worked as a counsellor at the One Young World Summit in 2014 and 2016.




Meghan is a dog mom to two adopted dogs and a strong proponent of adopting animals from shelters and rescue organizations. She encourages others to skip the puppy store when looking for four-legged friends.


She’s constantly offering up inspiring messages to fans on social media.


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