Van Jones, a former Obama White House aide turned political commentator, taunted Trump staffers over Michael Flynn’s guilty plea on Friday.

He also said that there is no way Republicans can keep claiming that there’s “nothing to see here” considering there have been multiple indictments and two guilty pleas.

“I spent about ten years of my life doing criminal justice work in Oakland,” Jones said on Anderson Cooper’s show. “I‘m just going to make this as plain as possible to the CNN viewers: when one of the main home boys turns snitch, a bunch of people about to go to jail. That’s just how that works.”

Due to the fact that Special Counsel Robert Mueller charged Flynn with one of the lesser charges he was facing, lying to the FBI, Jones said it “means that he’s got bigger charges coming for bigger fish.”

“This is a huge deal, you cannot pretend it’s not,” he stated. “One of your main homeboys just turned snitch — all y’all in trouble.”

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