(Vegas Legal Magazine)

A judge in Nevada advised a felon that she should behave herself so that she would be able to vote for Trump when 2020 rolls around. This was not the first time the judge has made these types of comments.

The Nevada Independent found records that show that on August 31, during a sentencing hearing, Clark County District Court Judge Susan Johnson told a female defendant that she needed to make sure she met all probation requirements so that in 2020, she could vote for Trump in the presidential election.

“What I’m hoping is that you will do everything you’re supposed to do so that you can get all of your civil rights, your liberties, restored to you,” Judge Johnson said to defendant Monique Fresquez.

“Okay? So, if you do everything I tell you to do, you will have your civil rights restored in about three years. You’ll be able to vote for Mr. Trump, I’m sure he could use your vote.”

This was the third known time that Judge Johnson said this to a defendant. She claims it was a joke used to put them “at ease.”

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She gave a statement to the Independent and stated her comments were “intended to serve as an example of what the restoration of civil rights means.”

“It was meant to be informational only and was, in no way, intended as an endorsement of any candidate,” Johnson said. “I have since revised how I present the information so there is no misinterpretation.”

Lawyer Joel Mann, who was defending one of the people Johnson said this too, said he didn’t find it amusing and was “shocked” when she said it.

The Nevada judicial  code of conduct does not allow any comments that “publicly endorse or oppose a candidate for any public office,” or use “words or conduct that manifest bias or prejudice, or engage in harassment” based on “political affiliation.”