A Texas woman surrendered to police after she allegedly set her ex-boyfriend on fire.

Nancy Allen had been a fugitive for nearly a week before she called police to give them her location. She had forced her way into an apartment and collapsed on the floor, scaring the residents, Brandy Wilson and four children. Allen also reportedly mentioned that she had taken some pills.

According to investigators, on November 28, Allen got into a fight with Thelonious Haley’s current girlfriend, and she was kicked out of the apartment.

Haley stated that she then went outside his apartment to cut off the power twice. When he came outside to turn the power on, she attacked him.

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“It was just a fireball coming at him, is all he remembers,” said Galveston Police Captain Joshua Schirard. “He was doused with some sort of accelerant and then lit on fire.”

Haley called 911 and, surprisingly calmly, said, “Hey, somebody just put me on fire man.”

Haley was released from the hospital on Tuesday after undergoing surgery and skin grafts. He suffered severe burns to his face, neck, arm and hands.

Allen has been charged with aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury and was all smiles in her mugshot images.