Black man shuts down white woman after she assumes he can’t afford first class

    Emmit Walker shares epic story after experiencing blatant racism at airport

    A man’s epic clap back at a woman who told him he was in the wrong boarding line has gone viral.

    Emmit Walker, who is Black, was waiting in the priority boarding line at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Virginia when a white woman told him, “You may be in the wrong place, you need to let us through. This line is for priority boarding.”

    Walker had the boarding pass to prove that he was first class, though, and showed her as much, but she couldn’t seem to believe that he was in the right place.

    “You can relax ma’am I’m in the right spot, been here longer, so you can board after me,” he told her.

    “He must be military or something, but we paid for our seats so he still should have to wait,” the woman insisted.

    Finally, fed up, Walker replied, “Nope, too big to ever be in anybody’s military. I’m just a n**** with money.”

    According to Walker, everyone that was in line clapped for his response.

    In just 8 hours, the post had been shared over 70,000 times, with more than 144,000 reactions, many of which pointed out the pervasive racism the exchange reveals in American society.

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