Singer Ester Dean reveals slimmed-down figure and talks Pitch Perfect 3

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Ester Dean broke out on the music scene proving that believing in yourself and your dreams is all you need.

“Shout out to Oklahoma, Georgia, Nebraska, to taking stepping stones and actually not being scared to leave home. The fact that I was in Tulsa and thought, ‘this little girl is going to make it;’ couldn’t no one tell me I wasn’t going to make it, said singer, songwriter, and actress Ester Dean.

The midwest native made it indeed. Ester has become one of the most sought after songwriters in the music industry. She has written for Rihanna, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Usher, and many more high-profiled singers. Ester also showed off her talent as a singer with her Billboard top 40 hit, Drop It Low featuring Chris Brown and she is a part of the stellar cast of the Pitch Perfect movies.

Ester is in a good place in her career and personal life. She is showing off a trimmed down figure, while proving to be a great role model for young African American girls and women. She didn’t let the pressure of showbiz push her to fit into a narrow box of beauty standards.

“I did this (lost weight) after the pressure was over,” says Dean.

“I said now I am the only one who can benefit from this. If you ask me if I were going to lose weight while doing ‘Drop It Low’ no, but now that I am doing me yeah I will because I want to do it; not for you. I wouldn’t be able to feel good if it were for someone else.”


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The Bellas are back one last time bringing much needed laughs, life lessons, and fun in the third and final installment of the film.

“We get in trouble this time. I think they took it to new heights this movie,” said Dean in an interview with theGrioLive.

Last time we saw the Bellas they were riding high as world champions, but after some time apart and scarce job opportunities the girls reunite for an overseas USO tour. As to be expected, shenanigans will ensue especially with Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) involved. Dean is excited for the world to see how her character, Cynthia Rose, has evolved and appreciates the diversity of the cast. Her star power continues to rise with more movies and music in the works.

“I’m doing a deal with AfroJack and I am doing my album it’s called ‘Diva House.’ It is bringing soul back to music, but the music that makes you feel good,” said the singer.


Check out Pitch Perfect 3 in theaters in theaters December 22nd.


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