EXCLUSIVE: Biggie’s daughter shares why ‘Notoriouss’ boutique honors his legacy

T'yanna Wallace fulfills father's dreams of starting a clothing line 20 years after his death

T'yanna Wallace fulfills father's dreams of starting a clothing line 20 years after his death

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When you’re the daughter of hip-hop royalty, it’s only right that you assume your rightful throne.

That’s exactly what T’yanna Wallace, daughter of the late Christopher “The Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace, plans to do with her new clothing boutique located right in the rapper’s hometown of Brooklyn.

Last week, Wallace, 24, hosted a grand opening of the Notoriouss clothing store, where more than 100 Brooklyn natives waited outside to enter. Once inside, they were treated to a drink in remembrance of the iconic rapper and, after making a purchase, customers took photographs and marveled at the impeccable artwork inside of the boutique.

Attendees also got a blast from the past when they heard some of Biggie’s classic hits including, “Hypnotize,” “Juicy” and “One More Chance.”

Jadakiss, Lil’ Cease, and Biggie’s first DJ, DJ 50 Grand, were in the building. CJ Wallace, son of Biggie, was also there to support his older sister on her big opening.

For Wallace, launching the Notoriouss clothing store is more than a business endeavor. It’s also a perfect way to keep her father’s legacy alive 20 years after his 1997 murder.

“Honestly, it was important for me to open my store in Brooklyn. I felt like a Notoriouss store wouldn’t fit anywhere else but Brooklyn,” Wallace told theGrio.

Wallace started working on her clothing line four years ago while completing her education at Penn State University. Wallace credits the world of academia for allowing her the ability to network and lay the groundwork for her clothing line.

Prior to launching the line, the young entrepreneur brainstormed on several names. Her final decision was Notoriouss (taken from her dad’s stage name), with the extra “s,” to introduce her own individuality and style into the brand.

“I went through six to eight different names and at the end of the day, it’s not a big line. It’s my clothing line that was inspired by my dad so it didn’t start off as Notoriouss,” Wallace said. “But, it was just something about the word that made it so strong and dominant. I just want to give people something that they can wear confidently. They can feel like it’s their world and they are the center of attention. I added the extra “s” to separate myself from my dad but still make it about him.”

Wallace will also be incorporating her father’s original clothing line “666,” so people can get a sense of her father’s vision as a designer. Biggie Smalls was in the midst of working on his clothing line before his untimely death.

“It was important for me to carry on my father’s legacy and goals because he left me with so many shoes to fill. My brother and I want to keep the name strong, alive, and positive. We want to keep that positive vibe because everyone still loves Biggie,” she said.

Wallace says she plans to expand the line to pajama wear, makeup and doggy merchandise. She also wants to someday have a bigger store.

But, for right now, Notoriouss continues to receive great buzz—something that is exhilarating for Wallace and her business spirit.

“Entrepreneurship can be challenging but you have to be passionate about what you’re doing. You have to love it; you have to put in a lot of blood, sweat, and tears,” Wallace said.  “I love it.”

For shop at Notoriouss, visit Notoriouss.com. You can also keep up with T’yanna Wallace on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.