Omarosa says April Ryan has ‘personal vendetta’ to ‘bring her down’ during GMA interview

In the process of explaining her exit from planet Trump, Omarosa said reports that she was escorted off the premises by security was a result of a "personal vendetta." 

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Omarosa Manigault-Newman wants the world to know that she resigned from her post in the Trump administration and there was no drama on the way out.

That’s what the former aide to President Donald Trump told Good Morning America anchor Michael Strahan Thursday morning.

“John Kelly and I sat in the situation room, which is a very secure, very quiet room in the White House,” Omarosa said. “And we had a very candid conversation. And I wanted to make the one year mark – that was one of the goals that I set out to – and then get back to my life.”

In the process of explaining her exit from planet Trump, Omarosa also described reports that she was escorted off the premises by security as a result of a “personal vendetta.”

She didn’t mention any names, but it’s clear she was referring to journalist April Ryan.

Ryan was among the first reporters to provide details about Omarosa’s ouster from the White House.

Sources told Ryan that Omarosa allegedly acted “vulgar” and had to be “escorted out of the building.”

Omarosa says Ryan was the ‘only person’ reporting that she was escorted off White House grounds – which isn’t true because reporters like the New York Times’ Yamiche Alcindor also tweeted similar conclusions.

“Let’s be clear, only one person,” Omarosa insisted to Strahan. “No one else has reported what she’s reporting and this is the one person who has attacked me for the last year so you know this is personal.”

Strahan didn’t ask Omarosa to reveal who the “she” was – but it’s clear she was referring to Ryan.

And Omarosa didn’t stop there. She responded directly to Ryan’s claims that she tried to re-enter the White House “residence” after she was let go to have a conversation with President Trump.

Omarosa called Ryan’s report “ridiculous” and “absurd” because the White House is the “most secure building in the world.”

The U.S. Secret Service tweeted a vague statement that didn’t exactly deny that Omarosa was escorted off the WH grounds – just that they weren’t involved.

“I think you should take the word of the U.S. Secret Service over someone who has a personal vendetta to bring me down,” Omarosa said. “And they personally gain by continuing to advance these false narratives.”

The tension between Ryan and Omarosa is well-documented. Earlier this year, the two got into a heated dispute at the White House press office. The pair exchanged insults with Omarosa accusing Ryan of being paid by the Clintons (a claim she first made in October, 2016) and Ryan later calling her “dumb” in stories following the dispute.

The tea is just beginning on this…

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