Oprah Winfrey could lose her home in California fire

The media mogul took to Twitter to announce that she has evacuated her home

Oprah Winfrey and other stars could lose their homes in the fire still blazing through Southern California.

The Thomas Fire sent Oprah, Rob Lowe, and other celebrities packing when they had to evacuate to get out of the path of the fire.

“Still praying for our little town. Winds picked up this morning creating a perfect storm of bad for firefighters,” Winfrey wrote on Twitter on Saturday.

While Oprah did write that her house was still standing, she also made sure to wish the rest of the people in the fire’s path the same. She especially wished safety on the people fighting the blaze.

“God bless every firefighter and their families. Fighting 3 weeks straight. Still going. Imagine their exhaustion!” she wrote.

Oprah lives in the affluent Santa Barbara enclave of Montecito, Calif. That area has been under mandatory evacuation because of the fire.

Historic blaze

On Saturday, winds of about 30 mph whipped through the area, fanning the flames of the fire. With gusts up to 60 mph, the fire only gained more steam as it raged on.

The fire started on Dec. 4 and is still burning, making it the third-largest fire in California history.

Other stars have been evacuated

Several other big names in the area evacuated to flee the fire.

For example, “Parks and Recreation” star Rob Lowe took to Instagram to show the blazing fire close to his home. At one point, he even put on firefighting gear to work against the flames.

“Helping earlier today. You do what you can, but when it’s time…you GO,” he wrote.

Lowe, who was forced to evacuate, described the fiery scene as “horror and beauty.”

Chrissy Teigen and Chelsea Handler also had to evacuate earlier this month. Ellen DeGeneres also took to Twitter to say that she had evacuated her pets from her home as well.