Tiffany Haddish’s abuse claims supported by shocking details in 2011 restraining order

Court documents reveals ex-husband body slammed and choked Hollywood star

Court documents reveals ex-husband body slammed and choked Hollywood star

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Tiffany Haddish shared some disturbing details about her past marriage in her recently released memoir, The Last Black Unicorn.

Since then, her ex-husband, William Stewart, has claimed he never laid a finger on the comedienne, despite her detailed accounts of numerous physical altercations with him.

Now, a restraining order she filed against him in 2011 has surfaced and shows that her stories of abuse are likely true.

–Tiffany Haddish’s ex denies abuse claims, comedian admits book details may have been exaggerated by editors–

Restraining order filed

According to Los Angeles Superior Court documents obtained by Radar, Haddish filed the restraining order in July 2011.

In the documents, she explains numerous instances of abuse that closely match the stories she told in her book.

“We were in Montreal, Canada, when he choked me in the stairway of the hotel,” she wrote in the filing. “I ran away from him. I ran because he was trying to make me stay in the room. But I wanted to stay in the lobby and talk to my fellow comedians.”

She also described bruises on her neck from the alleged altercation and noted his “very strong hands” as a weapon.

“He ran after me and took me down to the ground. I got free and then he got me again. I could not get out or yell for help because he was sitting on me,” she continued in the documents.

Badly bruised

The Girl’s Trip star also included details from an incident in 2011 in which she said she suffered several injuries including a black eye, bruised neck, elbow, and back.

“He body slammed me and choked me — threw me up against a wall,” she claimed.

Although Haddish was granted a temporary restraining order at the time, she and her husband reconciled and attempted to work things out until she filed for divorce two years later.

While the superstar recently admitted that some details in her book may have been exaggerated by her editors, it seems she was telling the truth about the shocking abuse she endured for so long.