Jay-Z imagines Blue Ivy as President in Ava DuVernay directed ‘Family Feud’ video

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The past year has been a tumultuous one that has left many people in need of a little hope and that is what filmmaker Ava DuVernay and Jay-Z have given us with a new music video for “Family Feud.”

The video imagines what it would be like if Blue Ivy was to become President and the video features plenty of star-powered cameos from the likes of Michael B. Jordan, Trevante Rhodes of Moonlight fame, Thandie Newton, Jessica Chastain and Omari Hardwick among others. Of course, Beyonce makes an appearance as well.

“Family Feud” is the newest track from Jay-Z’s “4:44,” and it gets personal in scenes showing him walking into church with his daughter Blue Ivy before coming clean about his infidelities to Beyonce in the confessional.

DuVernay co-wrote the music video with Jay-Z and has given some insights into the thought process that went into making it on Twitter.

“In this future, due to harm currently being done, America demands that the position of POTUS be filled by two people,” she said to explain why Hardwick’s president also has a Madam President played by Native American actress Irene Bedard.

“I loved the idea of their being Co-Presidents of the United States in the future. And that a Native American woman was one of them. One of the first ideas I shared with @S_C_. He was all in. We had fun dreaming this up. This country will not stay the same,” she went on.

There is some Shakespearean family drama played out in the year 2444 and fifty years after that, Hardwick plays a descendant who becomes President alongside Bedard only to have his family skeletons come to light when a journalist, Chastain, discovers them. The family is not just Jay-Z’s, it is America.

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Between the eras we get to see played out there are images of war and peace and a scenario that is particularly striking. Eight “Founding Mothers,” played by Mindy Kaling, Niecy Nash, Susan Kelechi Watson who plays Blue Ivy, Janet Mock, Brie Larson, Constance Wu, Rosario Dawson and Rashida Jones, come together in order to fix the Constitution.

DuVernay had something to say about her choice to have a group of women in charge of fixing the Constitution.

“The Founding Mothers. What else is there to say? I believe in our power. And I appreciate these dynamic artists who came out on a Saturday to represent all kinds of women at the table. Not a seat. ALL THE SEATS!”

The video is eight minutes long and is powerful with history as well as intention. The dialogue is meaningful and inspiring with lines like, “America is a family, and the whole family should be free.”

Social media has seen some pretty excited responses in relation to the video showing Blue Ivy as President and her rewriting the Constitution.

“Jay Z was imagining a brighter future with a diverse Congress in 2050 & Blue Ivy as the president. This is dope,” wrote @theyoncehub.

@BlackGeographer posted, “So Jay Z and @ava are just going to tease me with this multi-cultural coalition of women? Did I see a grown Blue Ivy? Pope Beyoncé? Octavia Butler tea? I need some smelling salts. I DEMAND a movie! Black Twitter…do ya thang!”

Susan Kelechi Watson posted about the video as well saying, “”Nobody wins when the family feuds…” Family Feud by @S_C_ directed by @ava just dropped featuring @Beyonce and #BlueIvy and it was an honor to be a part of it. Check it out now on @TIDAL.”

If you don’t have TIDAL don’t worry! Below you can check out clips from the video along with reactions from fans.


























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