Erykah Badu is stopped by Dallas police because they wanted to say hello

Singer takes to Instagram to show video of bizarre traffic stop

(Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images)

On New Year’s Eve, Dallas police pulled Erykah Badu because they simply wanted to say hello.

On Sunday night, Badu took to Instagram to share the experience, saying that she had been pulled over by Dallas officers. The two officers were seen in the video smiling and waving at the camera.

“I wanted to say hi,” one of the officers said.

Mixed reactions

The internet was quick to blast the officers for abusing their power. After all, there was no actual reason for the stop other than a little fanboying.

On the other hand, several commenters expressed their relief at seeing a Black woman in a police video that didn’t involve violence.

“At least he didn’t shoot you,” one person wrote.

Badu also appeared to have a young child in the car during the stop.